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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new on here or filled a prompt, so I wrote this and I know it’s not great but I hope it’s okay, and I’m filling all of the other prompts I’ve received as well.

Prompt: You should write a smut one shot where Harry and Louis are out shopping and Harrys really horny so he starts teasing/ Kissing/touching/ coming onto Louis in a store and then they end up having sex in the wash room or change room? :p

Word Count: 1,644

Warnings: Smut(obviously), language


            “Louiiiiiiiiiiiis,” Harry whined, following Louis around a giant clothes store that he hadn’t bothered remembering the name of. He was desperately horny and needy and Louis wouldn’t pay any attention to him. It’d been a long time since they’d had sex and it was starting to take a toll on Harry. They were planning for Louis’ sisters birthday and had gotten pretty busy, Louis wanting to make it special because she was turning 13, which according to Louis, was a very important year. They were currently looking for a nice piece of clothing that his sister would like, but Harry had lost interest in anything like that. All he wanted was Louis’ hands on him.

            “Harry, please,” Louis said like he was talking to an annoying little kid. “We’ve gotta find her a present. We’ll have time later babe.”

            “But we’ve been walking around the mall for hours!” Harry gestured with his hands in the air, showing the great amount of time they’d been there with the space between his arms. “I’m tired and I want you to fuck me already.”

            “You’ve always had a way with words,” Louis said sarcastically, stopping to look at a blue and white dress. “D’you think she’d like this?”

            “Sure,” Harry said. “Can we go now?”

            “It’s a bit too short, don’t you think?”

            “Louis, I don’t care. Really, if you like it, buy it. If you don’t, don’t buy it. But just hurry up, please,” Harry pleaded.

            “Alright, alright, calm down.” Louis muttered. “Gosh,” He decided against the dress and ventured further into that section, looking around some more.

            Harry internally groaned and marched after him, stepping up behind him and putting his lips to Louis’ ear. “Louis, I need you.” He said, his voice hoarse. “I need you to fuck me so I’ll walk funny and everyone will be able to tell what just happened.” He kissed down Louis’ neck, open-mouthed and wet, sending shivers down Louis’ spine.

             “Harry, stop.”

            “C’mon Lou. I’ll be quiet, I promise,” He trailed his hand slowly down Louis’ chest to his crotch, deliberately palming him over his jeans.

            “Harry, I’m serious. We’re in the middle of a store.”

            “And whose fault is that? I’ve been wanting to leave since we got here. And you don’t want me to stop.” Harry smirked. “You’re already hard. You want me just as bad as I want you right now,” Harry murmured, pulling Louis’ sleeve down and kissing the skin on his shoulder. “Please Lou. I need your dick inside me. Please,” He begged.

            “Fuck, Harry,” Louis sighed, pulling away. He looked around and after confirming to himself that no one had been watching them, he grabbed Harry’s hand and yanked him along as he walked as quickly as he could without looking suspicious.

            When they got there, Louis opened the door, shoving Harry inside before locking it and pinning Harry up against this. He had a stupid grin plastered on his face and Louis wanted to wipe it off with a good hard fuck.

            “You’re such a little shit, you know that?” Louis said. “I can’t take you anywhere, can I?”

            Harry shook his head. “’M sorry Lou, I can’t help it sometimes.” Harry’s lips were in a pout but his eyes were dark with lust.

            “You never could,” Louis told him, but he kissed him softly because even when Harry was acting like a horny teenager while Louis was trying to get things done, and it did seem Harry loved trying to stall Louis from accomplishing anything, he loved him a lot. “This is gonna be quick, and you’ve gotta be quiet.”

            “I’ll be quiet,” Harry promised.

            “Get your clothes off,” Louis instructed, and Harry didn’t hesitate. Louis pulled off his own shirt and trousers, Harry already fully naked when Louis looked back up. “You weren’t wearing boxers to start with, were you?”

            “No I was not.”

            Louis let out a chuckle and shook his head, but dropped his own pants and stuck three fingers in Harry’s mouth. Harry immediately began sucking on them, coating them in spit.

            “You just love having things in your mouth. I bet you could cum from just sucking me off, huh?”

            Harry whimpered and nodded.

            “Well we don’t have time for that right now love, so we’ll save that for when we get home, hm?”

            He let Harry suck on his fingers for another minute before he pulled them out and moved his hand between Harry’s legs, tracing one spit-slicked digit around his hole before wiggling it inside, meeting a bit of a struggle at first, but soon sliding another one in and not letting Harry adjust before he began thrusting them in and out.

            “Shit,” Harry hissed, dropping his head on Louis’ shoulder.

            Without warning, Louis added a third and Harry bit down on his collarbone.

            “This is how you wanted it, right?” Louis growled in Harry’s ear. “Hard and fast, yeah? So you won’t be able to walk right.”


            “That’s what I thought,” Louis murmured, crooking his fingers and grazing Harry’s prostate, causing the younger boy to push down on the fingers desperately, and when Louis’ bare, flushed skin was pressed against Harry’s, he realized just how long and how much he missed it too. He was, apparently, just better at containing it than his boyfriend.

Harry’s body was becoming tense, and Louis immediately halted his movements. “Don’t you dare come yet.”

            Harry sucked in a breath and let it out against Louis’ neck. “I’m ready Lou, please.”

            Louis pumped his fingers a few more times for good measure before he retracted them and spit in his hand multiple times, coating himself as best as he could before telling Harry to get on all fours.

Louis crouched down behind him, running his hands up Harry’s back and over his broad shoulders. “Are you ready sweetheart?”

            Harry nodded frantically. “Yes, please Lou, I’m ready,”

            “Alright,” Louis said, lining himself up and pushing the tip in, giving Harry minimal time to get used to it before he pushed all the way in in one thrust, making Harry cry out.

            “Shh, quiet, remember baby?”

            Harry let out a small whimper in response.

            Louis bit his bottom lip to suppress his own noises of pleasure, because fuck he really had missed this a lot. Harry was so tight and Louis wasn’t sure how long he would be able to hold on.       

He pulled out and snapped his hips forward forcefully, and Harry let out a choked sound, trying not to make any noise at all, and ultimately failing because every time Louis would thrust little moans and whimpers would fall from his lips, and if there happened to be anyone waiting outside the bathroom they would definitely be able to hear him.

            Louis kept his hips in a steady rhythm, aiming for that certain spot and knowing just when he’d hit it because Harry’s head dropped and his arms were shaking where he was holding himself up.

            “Louis,” He whined. “Harder,”

            Louis was always amazed that Harry could beg for more, but he complied, pulling all the way out and slamming back in, Harry letting out a loud and guttural moan, incapable of holding it in.

            Louis was too far gone to care, and he slammed into Harry relentlessly, hitting his prostate with each thrust, Harry absolutely falling apart, his mouth hanging open and whole body rocking with each of Louis’ movements.

            “I-I’m close,” Harry warned.

            Louis reached down and took Harry’s cock in one of his hands, using the other to keep Harry’s hips steady. He began pumping quickly, knowing he was on the brink as well but wanting Harry to come first, needing to feel Harry’s body shake against his.

            “Louis-“ Harry’s voice broke off into another low moan, trying to rut into Louis’ hand and rock his hips backwards against him at the same time, and it was so much and he could feel his stomach twisting and he knew his orgasm was close.

            Louis put all of his focus into making Harry lose it and pounded into him, squeezing the head of his cock simultaneously, and he could feel it when Harry’s body tensed, only a shout accompanying the white that painted Harry’s stomach and Louis’ hand. Louis felt Harry clench around him and threw his head back, his thrusts becoming erratic and sloppy and he was so close. With just a few more thrusts he spilled inside of Harry and Harry’s body went limp, all but crumpling to the ground as Louis rode out his orgasm.

            “Shit,” Louis muttered, his chest heaving and his breaths coming fast. He waited a few seconds until he pulled out of Harry, who winced. Louis stood up and ripped off a paper towel, cleaning himself up before getting a fresh one and running it under warm water and kneeling down in front of Harry. “Sit up love,”

            Harry lazily obeyed and Louis wiped down his stomach and his legs, throwing the paper towel in the bin and kissing Harry’s lips softly. “Love you darling.”

            “Love you too.” Harry breathed against his lips.

            They dressed quickly, fixing each other up a bit so it didn’t look like they’d just had sex, and Louis opened the door, peeking out. Thankfully, there was no one out there, and they exited the bathroom quickly. Needless to say, they were both equally exhausted now, but Harry was finally quiet, keeping a contented and lazy smile on his face as Louis dragged him around the store, eventually finding a suitable gift for his sister, much to Harry’s liking because they could leave and he could go home and take a nap, or maybe give Louis that blowjob he’d mentioned earlier. He mentally decided to do both. Blowjob, then nap. He nodded to himself as they left the store, happy with his plan.       


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